Where is the train?

He deceived her, but even now she loves him.

Don't go out after it gets dark.

One must not violate the constitution.

When I was small I kept a diary.

That isn't good.

We live and learn.

I just wanted to explain why I couldn't help the other day.


Bill was crazy for a motorbike.

There's no way I'm going to leave you alone here.

We elected him chairman.


Rajendra is still not accustomed to city life.

This river is about one third as long as the Shinano.

Let me get you some ice.

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I'll be waiting out front.

Nobody ever praises him.

You should wash this.


She heard him cry.

With the subjunctive past all the 'be' verbs become 'were', OK?

All of us live in the same dorm.

Blaine is twenty minutes early.

He is hurt badly and is unconscious; that is, he can't think, speak, or hear.

I just want you out of my life.

Sammy Davis was an excellent singer.

Use your teeth.

Anna sneaked up behind Gary.

It's an ill wind that blows no good.

We can't do anything about that.

She had hardly begun to read the book before someone knocked at the door.

Don't depend on others' kindness.

Are you sure you don't want to come with me to get a cup of coffee?

Just tell me what it is you want to know.

Rogue rode away on his horse.

"Okay, now I've been completely honest with you." "Honest, my ass! I don't believe a single word you say."

He's very good at guitar.

Here is a list of things you should avoid eating.

I must talk with you.

They're going to kill Myron.

I pretended that I didn't see it.

He told us that we should leave right away.

It's not at all typical.

Lewis took a picture of himself flexing his abs in front of the mirror.

Ed went to see Shankar at her office.

I can't see well.


He wanted to go to the beach.

I would like to purchase a wooden deck panel that can be laid on the porch.

It looks like it'll rain today.

Anderson likes to be busy and hates sitting around doing nothing.

Young people are full of dreams, plans and energy.

Mark poured wine into three glasses.

I am going to study Icelandic at the University of Iceland next autumn.


The patient got worse.

When was the last time you had a steady job?

I'd be surprised if Teriann taught me English.


Eddy can't remember exactly where he parked his car.

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Come, write your name down.

I could tell Himawan was hurt.

Werner liked teasing her brother.

I want a boat that will take me far away from here.

Life has often been compared to climbing a mountain.

I lived in Vancouver for two months.

She may have to quit her job next month.


He had the honor of being presented to a great writer.

He didn't say so, but he implied that I was lying.

I'm going to buy some water.

Robert couldn't see very much.

Every savage can dance.

Some are wise, some are otherwise.

Well, I'll certainly give it a try.


Diane is holding a knife.

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Would you mind if we spoke in French?

Sergiu is having coffee now.

It was very quick.

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Are you kidding, or are you serious?

Chip lost his pencil.

He did it by himself.

It's easy to pick up bad habits.

Alan seems to be unwilling to change.


Children don't like to take a bath.

This needs to change.

They speak English in America.

You're not sleeping enough.

We'll make our announcement on Thursday.

The wild horse was finally broken by the patient trainer.

I don't think you need to say anything more.

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I need to know what you plan to do.

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The fish swam up for crumbs.

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I didn't want them to die.


How close are you to her?

Ami and Timo never criticized each other.

Shadow does seem innocent.

Say hello to your parents from me.

My old house giving me trouble. I have to mend a part of it every day.

I don't have much appetite lately.

Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may lie in medicines.

We're going to go.

Don't get too close.

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He married her in secret.

When I speak Quechua, I am like a child.

There is a possibility that we won't have to shut down the factory.

Don't get lost, please.

A good idea occurred to me last night.


Losses were heavy on both sides.

I don't deserve to be this happy.

The elephant is liked by little children.


Stop saying that!


I still can't believe this is all happening.

In order to buy a ticket, you'll have to wait at least an hour.

I often run into her at the supermarket.

Moore stole a police car.

I think we have a problem.


Page invited Olivier to spend the night with him.

Those men are seasoned soldiers.

How should foreign exchange rates be shown? In the foreign exchange market they are displayed centered on the American dollar.

Mt. Everest is 29,002 feet above sea level.

Look, we're wasting time.

Money does not smell.

You'll be forever mine.

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Is that all you want?

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I just need some coffee.

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I'm trying to help him.

Emotion counts above vocabulary in verbal communication.

I wish I could figure out how to make more money.


Catherine couldn't believe that Jonathan had actually said that.


Do not copy-paste sentences from elsewhere, except if the content is CC-BY compatible.

I hardly knew you in high school.

Follow the car.


You have to pay in advance.

She tried to hide her feelings.

Just pretend that it didn't happen.


Christie is taking a walk with Ed and should be back before long.

What time is your plane scheduled to take off?

If it is raining, I won't go out tonight.

You can't see too well with these LCD displays.

What he said counts for nothing.


These days, a watch not only shows the time, but also the person's social status.

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You captivated me, dear.

Did Granville ever tell you what he wanted for Christmas?

That accident brought home to me the power of nature.


I'm delighted to meet you again.

Transcending time, the insects of ages gone past dance livelily in amber.

She's writing a book.

He's totally ignoring me.

She wears dotted gowns to catch attention.

Mike has some friends in Florida.

His watch is ten minutes slow.

An F-14 is a U.S. Air Force plane.

Yvonne is always careful to lock his door.

Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.

No one cheated.

Science as such is not interested in the value or worth of things.

The colloquial sentences added to Tatoeba seem to be of great help to immigrants who are trying to understand why language lessons teach an entirely different language than the one that people actually speak.

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I'm eating soup in the kitchen.

You're involved.

I am to meet him at six.


I'm not scared of terrorists.


Kyoto depends on the tourist industry.


I want to know about Tiefenthal's new job.

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Are you going to be here tomorrow?

It was really loud inside the club.

It made me supremely happy.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.